Arche Warder is more than a zoo

Landscape Park Arche Warder

Visitors of Arche Warder will not find lions or elephants, but rare breeds like the White Parc cattle and saddleback pigs, many of them are as rare as the Siberian tiger! Diving Turopolje pigs, the Poitou- giant donkey are some examples of the nearly 86 different breeds of livestock in Europe’s largest center for rare and endangered domestic animals. Arche Warder is also a living museum – a museum where visitors can touch things! The bronceage soay sheep, the medieval Exmoorpony and the English park cattle are breeds whose roots reach far back into epochs.

Arche Warder: A future for threatened domestic animal breeds!

Arche Warder – conveniently located between Warder and Brahmsee lake in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein – is Europe’s largest center for rare and endangered domestic animals.

On 40 hectares more than 1,200 animals from almost 86 different breeds can be found, including black and white Angler Saddleback pigs, Telemark cattle, Poitou-Donkey and Leinegans. In former times these breeds were common. Today, many of these breeds have less than 200 animals remaining worldwide. This is a threateningly small number, because the minimum numbers required to properly maintain a breed is between 5,000 to 7,500 animals.

Fun for kids: There are several enclosures with goats, sheep and small baby pigs who love to be petted!

Special offers and guided tours: Children’s Birthday examples: Stoneage birthday theme, treasure hunts.

Educational offerings for families, school groups and children’s groups: “Keeper for a day”, “From sheep to wool”, ” Natural horsemanship for adults and children”.

Guided Tours: Guided tours in German, Danish and English; special offers for retirees; guided tours followed by coffee-cake-buffet.

Our farm kitchen can accommodate family or company parties or retreats up to 100 people.
A seminar room for meetings and lectures is also available.

Farm Kitchen Restaurant

There is something here for every appetite, including those with special dietary requirements. Some of the specialty items are sausage and meatproducts from our animals. Visitors sometimes ask why we use the meat of our own animals. The reasons are simple. First, due to their slow, natural growth and healthy lifestyle they simply taste better. More importantly, however, domestic animals are meant to be utilized. Furthermore there are grilling and picnic places in the park Grilling places can be found throughout the park. For a fee of 15 euros you can reserve your place, as well as a grill.

Holiday Accommodations in the Park

Overnight at the park with this cozy country style apartment.

Farm Shop

Visit the Farm Shop of Ark Warder and discover unique gifts for children and adults, such as books and toys, regional delicacies like locally produced cheese and preserves, as well as gourmet specialties made at the park. Every purchase helps to further support the conservation work of the park, so please support the park with your purchase.

People and their domestic animals – without this millennium-old relationship, we would not be where we are now.

It is an important task to protect these old breeds and to maintain their genetic diversity for future generations.
We need the support of animal lovers like you! Whether it’s volunteer work or a donation, every kind of help is welcome! Perhaps you have a favorite animal or want to support a particular breed?
Arche Warder offers the possibility of a tangible benefit: an animal-sponsorship.

For More Information:

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Arche Warder is a non-profit association: Arche Warder -Zentrum Haus- und für Nutztierrassen e.V.

Account for donations:

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Arche Warder’s five guiding principles for the preservation of endangered breeds:

1. Conservation through preservation. Through this objective, valuable old breeds are maintained and population size is increased.

2. Conservation through the establishment of satellite stations. With pastures distributed outside the park, Arche Warder ensures the protection of breeds against epidemics. These satellite pastures also allow us to increase the gene pool and utilize selected animals for agricultural purposes.

3. Conservation through education. The goals of Arche Warder serve our larger mission of conservation. Another way to work towards this is through education. We believe that by educating the general public the genetic diversity of domestic animals be saved.

4. Protection by networking with national and international institutions. In order to work successfully, Arche Warder needs a functioning network. Arche Warder maintains close contacts with nature conservation foundations, zoos, animal parks, Herdbook breeders and other associations. Furthermore, it is an important topic in political d iscussions and exchanges in Schleswig-Holstein and at the federal level.

5. Protection through research. With ongoing research projects and a focus on protection issues, Arche Warder works in close collaboration with universities and various research institutions in Germany, exchanging and sharing information and experiences and supporting a number of scientific projects and studies on the physiological characteristics of old domestic animal breeds.

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Did you know that there are many domestic and livestock breeds on the red list of endangered animals? Animals such as the poitou donkey or the Turopolje pig are even rarer than pandas and rhinos!

How can these diverse, endangered breeds of livestock get lasting protection? How does the breeding program, and the education and research of Arche Warder help?

If you are interested in biodiversity in general or livestock breeds in particular, or have any questions about ancient races or conservation breeding, we would be pleased to help you.

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Do you need background information about biodiversity, livestock breeds and agriculture? Please contact us: presse[at]arche

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